SCOTUS Fashion: A Ginsburg Sandwich with a Side of Jabot

February 14th, 2013

WaPo reports that during the State of the Union, Justice Ginsburg, who was sitting between Kennedy and Breyer kept dozing off. The two justices attempted to prop her up. A Ginsburg sandwich!

Starting only a few minutes into the speech, Ginsburg began doing that telltale head nod-and-jerk motion. Even raucous applause and standing ovations at various points in the speech didn’t rouse her.

Justice Stephen Breyer, seated to Ginsburg’s left, valiantly gave her subtle nudges when she looked in danger of pitching over. And at one point, it looked like Breyer and Justice Anthony Kennedy, seated on her right, had wedged her in between them to keep her upright.

Look, where’s Ruth?



RBG was also rocking some serious bling, with a gold Jabot and black gloves.

Ginsburg, who was seated in the first row, arrived looking ready for a party — sporting a glamorous gold statement necklace over her black robe and a pair of what looked like black mesh gloves.

From the back


RBG, no stranger to bling, once wore this studded jabot on the bench.