Caption Contest: What Did the President Say to the 6 Justices at the State of the Union?

February 13th, 2013

So what did the President and Justices say to each other?


The Chief is thinking, “He better not gloat.”


The Chief is thinking: “OK, here he comes. Act cool.”


Chief: Mr. President. Long time no see! At least one of us got the Oath right this time.

President: Good to see you Chief. I hope coming here wasn’t too taxing for you.

Chief Muttering Under his Breath: Enjoy Affirmative Action and the Voting Acts while you can…



Obama, turning around: What did you say?

Chief: Oh, nothing.



President: How are you doing Tony? I hope you’re still not mad at me.

Kennedy: Yeah, whatever. Go say hi to Ruth, already.

AMK has a real Dick Cheney thing going in this picture. RBG is hiding somewhere between Kennedy and Breyer.

Update: LOL. WaPo reports that the Ruth-Sandwiching was intentional.

Starting only a few minutes into the speech, Ginsburg began doing that telltale head nod-and-jerk motion. Even raucous applause and standing ovations at various points in the speech didn’t rouse her.

Justice Stephen Breyer, seated to Ginsburg’s left, valiantly gave her subtle nudges when she looked in danger of pitching over. And at one point, it looked like Breyer and Justice Anthony Kennedy, seated on her right, had wedged her in between them to keep her upright.


President: Ruthie, I’m so glad you stuck around for my second term. 

Ginsburg: Mr. President, I will be around for some time to come. Now come here and give me a hug!

This picture made me let out a huge AWWWW. RBG looks so happy. And in the background is retiring Clerk Bill Suter.



But what’s the deal with Justice Ginsburg’s lace black gloves?

Update: WaPo reports on RBG’s jabot fashion:

Ginsburg, who was seated in the first row, arrived looking ready for a party — sporting a glamorous gold statement necklace over her black robe and a pair of what looked like black mesh gloves.


President: Stevie, how’s it going?

Breyer: Eh, same old, same old. I haven’t been robbed at machete-point this year, so that’s cool. And fewer people think I’m Justice Souter now.



Breyer: Mr. President, while I have you for a moment, may I ask a hypothetical question. Assume for the moment…

Obama, dashing away: Sonia!!!!



President: Sonia! It’s so good to see you. And thanks for swearing in Biden. It was rough for him to wake up so early after pregaming all night, but I understand your book signing was a big deal.

Sotomayor: You know, I sold more copies of my book than Clarence. I heard Clarence read it, but skipped the chapter about Yale Law School.



President: That’s fantastic. So how do you like living in D.C.?

Sotomayor: Loving it. I’m bringing the East Village to U-Street. 



Obama: Elena! How are you doing?

Kagan: Fantastic. I’ve been waiting my entire life to be a Justice. Thank you so much Mr. President. I am so grateful.



Obama: Oh really? Nice job voting against my health care law…


Kagan: Well if I was still the Solicitor General, I wouldn’t have needed to reach for water during my argument.

President: Yeah, at least Verrilli choking wasn’t caught on camera


Kagan: LOL.