Breaking: Justice Ginsburg “Neck Doily” Watch – RBG Swaps Jabot for Bling!

November 26th, 2012

Earth-shattering news from the Supreme Court, courtesy of Robert Barnes:

I hope someone got a sketch of that! For more on the Jabot (or as I call it the neck doily) see these posts.

Update: Thanks to the inestimable Art Lien, we now have a sketch of Justice Ginsburg “forgo[ing] the jabot.”

Here are Art’s comments:

One thing a sketch artist at the Supreme Court needs to look for is whether Justice Ginsburg is wearing a jabot or one of her increasingly large doilies around her neck. Today, for the first time I can recall, she wore neither. She appeared to be wearing a sparkly necklace of dark crystals. I couldn’t quite make it out.

Bling Bling!

Update: WaPo Reliable Sources has the scoop on RBG’s new bling.

Time to bust out your holiday-season bling — and that goes for you Supreme Court justices, too!Ruth Bader Ginsburg turned some heads Monday when she showed up in court wearing a big shiny necklace with her robe instead of her usual frilly white jabot. We’re told that the bib-style sparkler (glass beads on a black scalloped base) was a Banana Republic offering that came in the VIP gift bag at Glamour magazine’s “Women of the Year”gala in New York this month, where Ginsburg was among the honorees. (Sorry, no photo: Cameras aren’t allowed in the court.)

Swanky. Here is a pic from Banana Republic’s web site:

H/T DC Dicta