Hillary Clinton on #DAPA #DemDebate

November 14th, 2015

During the November 14 Democratic Debate, Secretary Hillary Clinton was asked about the President’s executive action on immigration. Her answer, again, was muddled.

COONEY: Thank you. Now, Secretary Clinton said you would go further than the President when it comes to taking executive action to implement immigration reforms. But the President’s already facing legal trouble on this. We’ve seen it more just in the past week. Realistically, how could you go further with executive action?

CLINTON: Well, first of all, I know that the President has appealed the decision to the Supreme Court.

He has announced that he will appeal, but a cert petition hasn’t been filed yet.

And my reading of the law and the Constitution convinces me that the President has the authority that he is attempting to exercise with respect to dreamers and their parents, because I think all of us on this stage agree that we need comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship.

DAPA does not protect the parents of Dreamers, but Clinton has said that she would expand the executive action so it would cover the parents of Dreamers (see here and here).