C-SPAN Used The Image of Lochner’s Bakery I Discovered

October 26th, 2015

Back in 2010, I discovered this advertisement for Lochner’s Bakery¬†from the archives of the Oneida County Clerk. I contacted the County Clerk, and asked if they had any records of Lochner’s Bakery. They mailed me back a crooked xerox of an advertisement for the bakery. To my knowledge, no one else has ever used this image. I even watermarked it at the bottom with a credit for the Harlan Institute for Constitutional Studies (as the Harlan Institute was then known).

While watching C-SPAN’s special on Lochner v. New York, I chuckled when they used the same crooked image I found–without permission, or showing the watermark. It’s okay. It is for a good cause.





Update: I was informed that C-SPAN also contacted the Oneida¬†County Historical Society and paid the same $10 fee that I paid years ago. I’m glad they did their homework too!