Harlan Institute Fundraiser: Order Your 20″ x 30″ Lochner Advertisement Canvas Print

February 19th, 2010

The government loves limiting access to markets; even for those who want to do good. In order to form a 501(c)(3) non-profit, the IRS has erected massive barriers to entry, including onerous forms, significant fees, and numerous disclosures. To that end, the Harlan Institute is running its first fundraiser to break into this cartel of non-profits. And what better way to protest the government’s limiting our liberty than by honoring a Supreme Court case that stood for the opposite proposition. Yes, I am talking about Lochner v. New York.

Please support the Harlan Institute by ordering your very own 20″ x 30″ canvas print of an original advertisement for Joseph Lochner’s bakery in Utica, New York. I uncovered this gem from the archives of the Oneida County Clerk, and to my knowledge, no one else has ever used this image. Show all of your friends how Lochner prided himself on “Uniformity, Purity, [and] Cleanliness.”

I just ordered one print for myself, and it is a stunning tribute to one of the most misunderstood Supreme Court cases of all time. The print does not need to be framed. A picture frame hook and a nail will suffice. I include a photo below.

What would do we charge for such a work of art? Well, we have a special U.S. Reports Special! As Lochner’s citation is 198 U.S. 45, we are selling this canvas for $198.45, with free FedEx ground shipping! You don’t need to read Mr. Herbert Spencer’s Social Statics to know that is a great price! Payments are securely processed through PayPal with any credit card, by clicking the Buy Now button. Please help out a good cause.

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Plus, my loyal readers get a sneak peak of what I’m reading on my book shelf. And sitting atop the bookshelf is the Chief Justice Rutledge bobblehead.