How do you transport Magna Carta across the Atlantic?

August 6th, 2014

Marcia Coyle has a great interview with Nathan Dorn, the rare books curator at the Library of Congress, about hosting the “Lincoln” copy of Magna Carta, on its 800th anniversary. In case you’re wondering, Marcia asked how the charter was transported across the Atlantic?

SCB: How does the fragile document travel here?

Dorn: Lincoln has a man who is Magna Carta’s handler. And wherever Magna Carta goes, he goes. He will be accompanying Magna Carta on whatever airline it travels on, on whatever date, under whatever circumstances. We can’t give more details.

Being the Magna Carta handler–pretty cool job!

The copy of Magna Carta in Houston was guarded 24×7 by an armed guard. It was remarkable to see.