How far does your paycheck goes in Washington, New York, and Houston?

May 20th, 2014

NPR has compiled a cool infographic that compares the median income in many American cities, with “what it feels like.” In Washington, D.C., a median income of $44,452 feels like $35,029 (79%). In New York City, $37,064 feels like $28,799 (78%). And, in my adopted hometown of Houston, Texas, $31,265 feels like $29,467 (94%). Similarly, in Dallas, $31,756 feels like $29,818 (94%). (Note Texas has no state income tax). These are among the flattest curves on the chart.┬áThis jives with Tyler Cowen’s discussion of Texas, which noted that the leading factor contributing to Texas’s explosive growth has been the low cost of living, and decent job availability.