Tyler Cowen’s 10 Reasons Why Texas is the Future of America

October 18th, 2013

Tyler Cowen has a front-page story in Time Magazine on why Texas has become a magnet for American population. Here is a sample:

To a lot of Americans, Texas feels like the future. And I would argue that more than any other state, Texas looks like the future as well — offering us a glimpse of what’s to come for the country at large in the decades ahead. America is experiencing ever greater economic inequality and the thinning of its middle class; Texas is already one of our most unequal states. America’s safety net is fraying under the weight of ballooning Social Security and Medicare costs; Texas’ safety net was built frayed. Americans are seeking out a cheaper cost of living and a less regulated climate in which to do business; Texas has that in spades. And did we mention there’s no state income tax?

Alas, Time now has a paywall, and I am not going to pay $5 to read a single article. Did anyone else actually read the article?

The Time Idea blog lists the top ten reasons Cowen identifies:

  • 1. Everyone’s moving there
  • 2. The middle-class squeeze
  • 3. Automation
  • 4. The skills gap
  • 5. Cheap land, cheap houses
  • 6. Cheap living generally
  • 7. Jobs
  • 8. Low taxes
  • 9. The rise of the ‘New Cowboys’