Leahy Threatens To Suspend Blue Slip Rule

December 19th, 2013

HuffPo reports that Senator Leahy may eliminate the ability of Senators to invoke the blue slip rule to place holds on nominees.

Leahy fumed that the “Republican shutdown of the Judiciary Committee” is consistent with the obstruction the committee has endured since President Barack Obama took office. He warned that if GOP senators keep it up, he’s prepared to strip them of their tools in committee — a veiled threat to do away with the “blue slip rule,” a tradition that allows senators to advance or block judicial nominees from their home state. That rule is arguably Republicans’ best weapon for blocking Obama’s nominees now that they can’t be filibustered on the Senate floor.

“If this obstruction continues with respect to judicial nominees, I will be forced to reconsider long-held policies that have upheld the rights of the minority party in this process,” Leahy said.

There was some media chatter about this a few weeks ago. I guess it is now coming to the fore.