Savage and Toobin on the Blue Slip

November 28th, 2013

Today, both Charlie Savage at the New York Times and Jeff Toobin at the New Yorker wrote about how the blue slip may become a tool of the GOP to stop nominations now that the filibuster is gone.

I follow this stuff pretty closely, and haven’t seen much of anything about the blue slip before today. A quick search shows two hits yesterday from Mother Jones and Media Matters. I found a few other mentions of the blue slip on other news sites, but not much.

I’m not sure if these articles are serving as a pre-emptive CYA for the inability of the President to appoint liberal dreamboats to the federal judiciary, or a preemptive attack on the GOP for using their last arrow in the quiver to stop nominations.

In any event, I always find it convenient for many outlets on the same side of the aisle to circle and focus on a single topic in a very short span. Maybe one day I’ll get the memos that go out.