LiveBlogging A Law Review Article: Black Swan Laws

February 14th, 2012

Over the past year or so, I have written about 60 posts about The Black Swan, black swan theory, and black swan laws. Now, I want to put together a law review article on point. By cobbling together all of my posts, I already have 30,000 words already written. Sure I won’t use all of it. Plenty of it is crap. Some of it is repetitive. Other parts are just summaries of what other people said. But I already have the substance of a full article. Plus all of the sources are linked, so footnoting won’t be too bad. I just need to move stuff around, refine the thesis, connect some things, and bamn. This is the beauty of blogging.

I have been thinking about this topic for a year. There are some ideas I found in comments from a long time ago that germinated into what is now my rough thesis. There are other comments from readers that got me thinking and changed my direction. There were plenty of current events that gave me fodder to write about. I can’t imagine writing an article any other way.

Anyway, here is the document, in its raw form. I’ve tried liveblogging articles before: on the Preamble to the Constitution; Original Crime; Future of Education (I will eventually return to all of these).