Live Blogging/Writing a Law Review Article in Real Time: Evolving Towards the Law Classroom of Tomorrow

May 12th, 2011

In the past I have flirted with various attempts at liveblogging a law review article (see here and here). Now, I think I finally found a way, and a opportunity to do it. Building on my series of posts about the future of legal education, I am developing an article in real time on that topic, tentatively titled Evolving Towards the Law Classroom of Tomorrow.

I have created a Google Document of the article. Anyone can view it. As I continue to work on it, anyone can see it develop, right before their eyes. Now you can see, and keep track of how my mind works and thinks. Currently, it is just an outline. In due time, I will expand on it, and incorporate my numerous blog posts into topic. Anyone can contribute (preferably by inserting comments, which allow me to keep track of who said what).

I am not sure how this experiment will turn out. I hope to tap into the wisdom of the crowds in developing an article at an early stage in order to wind up with a pretty good article. Or, maybe no one will look at it. Worth a shot.