Publications, Presentations, Commentary, and Media in 2018

January 1st, 2019

This post will highlight my accomplishments in 2018. In the past year, I published (or will publish) 9 articles, gave 17 academic presentations, delivered 65 other presentations, wrote 29 commentaries, and made 388 media appearances. You can review my new-and-improved C.V., which spans over 80 pages.


  1. The Irrepressible Myths of Cooper v. Aaron, 107 Georgetown Law Journal __ (Forthcoming 2019)
  2. Undone: The New Constitutional Challenge to Obamacare, 23 Texas Review of Law & Politics __ (Forthcoming 2019).
  3. The Once and Future Privileges or Immunities Clause, 25 George Mason Law Review __ (Forthcoming 2019) (with Ilya Shapiro).
  4. Self-Plagiarism, 45 Florida State Law Review __ (Forthcoming 2019).
  5. Remembering Professor Ronald Rotunda, Chapman Law Review (Forthcoming 2019).
  6. The Travel Bans, 2017-18 Cato Supreme Court Review 29 (2018).
  7. The Domestic Establishment Clause, 23 Roger Williams Law Review 345 (2018).
  8. Defiance and Surrender, 59 South Texas Law Rev. 157 (2018).
  9. Presidential Maladministration, 2018 Illinois Law Review 397 (2018)


Academic Presentations

  1. Debate on ABA Model Rule 8.4(g) – Catholic University Law Review Symposium (11/9/18).
  2. Presentation of “Presidential Avoidance,” Loyola Chicago Constitutional Law Colloquium (11/2/18).
  3. Panel discussion on immigration and Executive Power, University of Pennsylvania Law Review (Oct. 20, 2018).
  4. Presidential Avoidance Canon, George Mason University Center for the Administrative State Workshop (Sep. 27, 2018).
  5. Presentation on the Travel Ban, Case Western School of Law (9/14/18).
  6. Presidential Avoidance Canon, University of Houston Law Center Faculty workshop (Sep. 12, 2018).
  7. The Presidential Avoidance Canon, South Texas College of Law Houston Faculty Workshop (8/24/18).
  8. Constitutional Law Workshop, Southeastern Association of Law School Conference (Aug. 7, 2018).
  9. Presidential Speech, Yale Freedom of Expression Scholars Conference (Apr. 29, 2018).
  10. The Presidency Beyond Trump: The Perils of Judging Executive Action by Motives, NYU Law School (Mar. 30, 2018).
  11. The Irrepressible Myths of Cooper v. Aaron, Northern Kentucky University Faculty Workshop (Mar. 14, 2018).
  12. Presentation on Barnett/Blackman Casebook at “Civil Education in the Time of Upheaval,” University of Texas, Austin (Feb.16, 2018).
  13. Fake News and the First Amendment, Houston Bar Association (Feb. 3, 2018).
  14. Sanctuary Cities and the Constitutionality of 8 U.S.C. 1373, University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law Symposium (Jan. 26, 2018).
  15. Panelist on “Why Intellectual Diversity Matters,” AALS 2018 annual conference (Jan. 6, 2018) (Audio).
  16. Presentation of “Judicial Universality,” AALS 2018 annual conference (Jan. 5, 2018) (Audio).
  17. Panelist on “Federalism and Sanctuary Cities,” AALS 2018 annual conference (Jan. 4, 2018) (Audio of conclusion).


Other Presentations

  1. “Technology, Social Media & Professional Ethics”, 2018 FedSoc National Lawyer’s Convention – (11/17/18).
  2. 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and 3D-Printed Guns, Temple Federalist Society Chapter (11/15/18).
  3. Panel discussion on Free Speech on Campus, Cardozo Federalist Society Chapter (11/14/18)
  4. Debate on Hate Speech with Jeremy Waldron, NYU Federalist Society Chapter (11/13/18).
  5. SCOTUS Roundup, South Texas College of Law Federalist Society Chapter (Nov. 12, 2018).
  6. 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and 3D Printed Guns, Columbia Federalist Society Chapter (11/8/18).
  7. 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and 3D-Printed Guns, FIU Federalist Society Chapter (11/6/8).
  8. Panel on Presidential Tweets, ABA Administrative Law Section (Nov. 1, 2018).
  9. The Legal Resistance, BYU Federalist Society Chapter (10/30/18).
  10. Panel Discussion on ABA Model Rule 8.4(g), Arizona State Federalist Society Chapter (Oct. 25, 2018).
  11. 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and 3D-Printed Guns, Memphis University Law School Federalist Society Chapter (Oct. 23, 2018).
  12. SCOTUS Roundup, Brooklyn Law School Federalist Society Chapter (Oct. 18, 2018).
  13. Federalist Society Teleforum on ABA Model Rule 8.4(g) (Oct. 18, 2018).
  14. Panel discussion on U.S. Constitution, Houston Downtown Rotary Club Meeting (Oct. 17, 2018).
  15. Panel Discussion – Free Speech on Campus, UNC Law School (10/16/18).
  16. LeFrak Forum & Reason Foundation Debate on the federal immigration power, Michigan State University (Oct. 13, 2018).
  17. Debate on Campus Free Speech, Notre Dame Federalist Society Chapter (Oct. 11, 2018).
  18. Supreme Court Roundup, Michigan State Federalist Society Chapter (Nov. 11, 2018).
  19. 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and 3D-Printed Guns – Chicago-Kent Federalist Society Chapter (10/9/18).
  20. Free Speech on Campus, Northwestern Federalist Society Chapter (10/9/18).
  21. Panel Discussion on DACA, Cornell Law School Event at NYC Bar (10/5/18).
  22. 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and 3D-Printed Guns, Colorado University Federalist Society (10/4/18)
  23. Diversity of Opinion and Campus Speech, American University Project on Civil Discourse (9/27/18).
  24. Debate on the Judicial Resistance: University of Texas Federalist Society Chapter (10/2/18).
  25. Presenter at #CatoDigital—The Right to Bear 3D-Printed Arms: A First and Second Amendment Issue (9/27/18).
  26. Perspectives on “Privileges or Immunities,” George Mason University School of Law (9/21/18)
  27. Debate: The Future of Free Speech in America, Georgetown University Law Center (9/17/18).
  28. Presentation on Hawaii v. Trump, Cato Constitution Day (9/17/18).
  29. The Future of DACA, Case Western Law School Federalist Society Chapter (Sep. 13, 2018).
  30. 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and 3D-Printed Guns, Texas A&M Law School Federalist Society Chapter (9/6/18)
  31. 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and 3D-Printed Guns, University of Arizona Federalist Society Chapter (8/30/18).
  32. State Judges, Federal Courts, and Judicial Supremacy, Samford University Federalist Society Chapter (8/28/18).
  33. Supreme Court Roundup, University of Houston Law Center Federalist Society Chapter (8/29/18)
  34. Lecture on the History of the 13th and 14th Amendments, The Houston Federal Bar Association (8/16/18)
  35. Supreme Court Roundup at University of Houston Law Center (9/23/18).
  36. “The Importance of Free Speech on Campus” – Orlando Federalist Society Lawyer’s Chapter (7/11/18).
  37. Debate on the DACA Rescission, NYC Federalist Society Lawyers Chapter (June 7, 2018).
  38. Free Speech on Campus, Educational Writers Association National Seminar (May 16, 2018).
  39. Cosmic Injunctions and DACA, Chicago Federalist Society Lawyers Chapter (May 15, 2018).
  40. Debate: The Affordable Care Act, Boston College Federalist Society Chapter (Apr. 18, 2018).
  41. Predicting the Supreme Court, Vermont Law School Federalist Society Chapter (Apr. 12, 2018).
  42. Debate: Restoring the Lost Confirmation, Roger Williams Federalist Society Chapter (Apr. 12, 2018).
  43. Debate on the Emoluments Clauses: University of Chicago Federalist Society Chapter (Apr. 9, 2018).
  44. Panel Discussion on Immigration, University of North Dakota Federalist Society Chapter (Apr. 6, 2018) (Video).
  45. Predicting the Supreme Court, Rutgers-Camden Federalist Society Chapter (Apr. 4, 2018).
  46. Debate: The Second Amendment after Parkland, SMU Federalist Society and American Constitution Society (Apr. 2, 2018).
  47. Presidential Maladministration, NYU Federalist Society Chapter (Mar. 28, 2018).
  48. Bioethics and the Supreme Court, Villanova Federalist Society Chapter (Mar. 28, 2018).
  49. Economic Liberty and the Criminal Law, Waynesburg University (Mar. 15, 2018).
  50. Richard Cordray, Donald Trump, and the CFPB: Constitutional Questions, Cincinnati Federalist Society Lawyers Chapter (Mar. 15, 2018).
  51. Debate on the Travel Ban, Northern Kentucky University Federalist Society Chapter (Mar. 13, 2018).
  52. The Travel Ban and Sanctuary Cities, Indianapolis Federalist Society Lawyers Chapter (Mar. 12, 2018).
  53. Becoming an Academic: 2018 Federalist Society National Student Symposium (Mar. 10, 2018).
  54. Debate on Sanctuary Cities, McGeorge Federalist Society Chapter (Mar. 7, 2018) (Video).
  55. Debate on the Travel Ban, Santa Clara Federalist Society Chapter (Mar. 5, 2018).
  56. Fake News and the First Amendment, Houston Bar Association (Feb. 3, 2018).
  57. Debate on the Travel Ban, BYU Federalist Society Chapter (Feb. 28, 2018)
  58. Pidgeon v. Turner: The Status of Same-Sex Marriage in the Lone Star State, Houston Bar Association (Feb. 23, 2018).
  59. Debate on the Travel Ban, Washington University Federalist Society Chapter (Feb. 13, 2018).
  60. Free Speech and Intellectual Diversity in Law Schools, Southern Illinois Federalist Society Chapter (Feb. 12, 2018).
  61. Trump v. CFPB, Dallas Federalist Society Chapter (Feb. 9, 2018).
  62. Bioethics and the Supreme Court, Cumberland Law School Federalist Society Chapter (Feb. 7, 2018).
  63. Restoring the Lost Confirmation, Chicago-Kent College of Law Federalist Society Chapter (Feb. 5, 2018).
  64. Health Care Reform, DePaul Federalist Society Chapter (Feb. 5, 2018).
  65. Debate on the DACA Rescision, Rhode Island Federalist Society Chapter (Feb. 2, 2018).



  1. Understanding the New Obamacare Decision, Texas v. United States: Part II, The Volokh Conspiracy (Dec. 17, 2018).
  2. Understanding the New Obamacare Decision, Texas v. United States: Part I, Volokh Conspiracy (Dec. 15, 2018).
  3. Birthright Citizenship Is a Constitutional Mandate, Wall Street Journal (Oct. 31, 2018) (Reprint).
  4. Silencing of a Conservative Speaker, Human Rights Magazine (Sep. 1, 2018).
  5. Corpus Linguistics and the Second Amendment, Harvard Law Review Blog (Aug. 7, 2018).
  6. Who Was Right About the Emoluments Clauses? Judge Messitte or President Washington?, Volokh Conspiracy (Aug. 3, 2018).
  7. Is Robert Mueller an ‘Officer of the United States’ or an ‘Employee of the United States’?, Lawfare (July 23, 2018).
  8. Can the Special Counsel Regulations Be Unilaterally Revoked?, Lawfare (July 5, 2018).
  9. Five Unanswered Questions From Trump v. Hawaii, Lawfare (July 3, 2018).
  10. Don’t Try to Expand the Number of Supreme Court Justices, National Review (July 5, 2018).
  11. The Room Where It Happens, National Review (June 28, 2018).
  12. What Obstruction Law Applies to the President?, Lawfare (June 6, 2018).
  13. Conservative and Libertarian Lawyers in the Era of Trump, Lawfare (May 29, 2018).
  14. Dueling Cosmic Injunctions, DACA and Departmentalism, Lawfare (May 22, 2018).
  15. The Easy Way Forward on Trump v. Hawaii, Lawfare (Apr. 25, 2018).
  16. CUNY Law students heckled my talk on campus free speech, NY Daily News (Apr. 21, 2018).
  17. Students at CUNY Law Protested and Heckled My Lecture about Free Speech on Campus, National Review (Apr. 12, 2018).
  18. Testing California’s “Sanctuary Law,” Wall Street Journal (Mar. 13, 2018) (with Ilya Shapiro) (Reproduction).
  19. The Travel Ban, Article II, and the Nondelegation Doctrine, Lawfare (Feb. 22, 2018).
  20. The Judiciary Learns To Equilibrate Between the President and the Legal Resistance, Lawfare (Feb. 15, 2018).
  21. On the Judicial Resistance, Lawfare (Feb. 12, 2018).
  22. The Emoluments Clauses Litigation, Part 8: There is no cause of action for a suit against the President in his individual capacity for purported violations of the Emoluments Clauses, Reason (Feb. 8, 2018).
  23. The Emoluments Clauses Litigation, Part 7: The President’s Acceptance or Receipt of Profits is not “Executive Action”, Reason (Feb. 7, 2018).
  24. The Emoluments Clauses Litigation, Part 6: Are the Claims Against the President in his Official or Individual Capacity?, Reason (Feb. 6, 2018).
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