Commentary, Media Hits, and Events (March 5 – May 30)

May 31st, 2018

Here are my commentaries, media hits, and speaking engagements from March 5, 2018 through May 30, 2018. The bulk of these hits concern the CUNY protest, as well as the travel ban.



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  5. Students at CUNY Law Protested and Heckled My Lecture about Free Speech on Campus, National Review (Apr. 12, 2018).
  6. Testing California’s “Sanctuary Law,” Wall Street Journal (Mar. 13, 2018) (with Ilya Shapiro) (Reproduction).
  7. Analysis of IRAP v. Trump Part I: The Fourth Circuit’s Reliance on Pre- and Post-Inauguration Statements, Lawfare (May 27, 2017).
  8. Analysis of IRAP v. Trump Part II: The Fourth Circuit’s Misuse of Mandel, Din, Lemon, and Town of Greece, Lawfare (May 28, 2017).



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Academic Presentations

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Court Filings and Comments

  1. Comments on states considering the adoption of Model Rule 8.4(g).