ConLaw Class 24 – Protecting “Dignity” I

April 17th, 2018

Class 24

Protecting “Dignity” I

  • Romer v. Evans (1142-1152)
  • Lawrence v. Texas (1249-1270)
  • United States v. Windsor (1270-1272)

The lecture notes are here.

Romer v. Evans

Here are the plaintiffs.

This is Colorado Governor Roy Romer.

Here is an advertisement urging people to vote Yes on Amendment 2. The caption reads “Stop special class status for homosexuality.”

This is an advertisement from the Colorado for Family Values, urging people to vote Yes on Amendment 2. It depicts parade marchers holding up a banner that reads “S/M Leather Contingency.”

Lawrence v. Texas

Here are photographs of John Geddes Lawrence and Tyron Garner, the Houston residents prosecuted under Texas’s sodomy statute.





United States v. Windsor

This is Edie Windsor, the face of U.S. v. Windsor.


On the steps of the Supreme Court.


In 2012, 538 forecasted support of same-sex marriage over the next eight years. This did not turn out to be accurate.