ConLaw Class 22 – Modern Substantive Due Process I

April 10th, 2018

Class 22

Modern Substantive Due Process I

  • Protecting the Unenumerated Right of Privacy (1155-1158)
  • Griswold v. Connecticut (1158-1175)
  • Roe v. Wade (1176-1188)

The lecture notes are here.

Griswold v. Connecticut

Here is Estelle Griswold, the lead plaintiff at the Planned Parenthood Center of New Haven, Connecticut.



Here is a photograph of Dr. C. Lee Buxton and Estelle Griswold after their arrest.

Dr Lee Buxton and Estelle Griswold

Estelle Griswold Cornelia Jahncke Planned Parenthood League CT

A penumbra is a partial shadow outside the complete shadow of an opaque body.


Roe v. Wade

This is Norma McCorvey (“Jane Roe”) protesting outside the Supreme Court in 1989 with her lawyer, Gloria Allred, after arguments in Webster v. Reproductive Health Services.



Here is McCorvey in 1985.


Roe didn’t even make top billing in the Times. LBJ died on decision day.


In 1996, McCorvey came out as opposing abortion. She noted that she lied in affidavits submitted to the Supreme Court, and she was never raped, let alone gang raped.


I could not find a full, color photo of the Leutze painting. Here is the best version I could find.


Here is another portrait of Taney: