Welcome to Constitutional Law (Spring 2018)

January 1st, 2018

Hello everyone. Welcome to Constitutional Law. In advance of the first day of class, please review the syllabus carefully. I will also use the iClicker Reef system to receive feedback from students. You can use the Clicker with your smartphone or in your web browser. Please download the application and register an account before class begins.

Here is your assignment for Class #1:

Class 1 – 1/11/18

The Founding

  • The Origins of the Constitution (3-4)
  • The Declaration of Independence (4-12)
  • The Articles of Confederation (31-32)
  • Read the Articles of Confederation (li-lvi)
  • Drafting and Ratifying the Constitution (32-35)
  • Read the Constitution of the United States (xxxiii – xlii).
  • The Federalist Papers (35-36)
  • Federalist No. 10 (36-41).
  • Federalist No. 78 (41-46)
  • Federalist No. 51 (46-50)
  • The Origins of the Bill of Rights and Anti-Federalist Complaints (50-51)
  • James Madison Delivers on the Promise of a Bill of Rights (56)
  • Read the Amendments to the Constitution (xlii-l)

Note: Read these documents in their entirety. They’re not long. And no one should graduate law school without reading them at least once.