Media Hits, Commentary, and Events (July 1, 2017 – August 17, 2017)

August 20th, 2017

Over the past month-and-a-half, my time was primarily consumed with readying the third edition of the Barnett/Blackman constitutional law casebook. I did not have time to update my C.V., and new entires. Here they are.


  1. The Solitary Executive, Lawfare (August 18, 2017).
  2. The Solitary Executive, Foreign Policy (August 18, 2017).
  3. Congress Should Fund Obamacare Subsidies — or Trump Must Stop Them, National Review (August 17, 2017).
  4. The First Amendment on the Grounds in Charlottesville, Lawfare (August 14, 2017).
  5. President Trump Must End Illegal Obamacare Payments to Congress and Insurers, National Review (July 31, 2017).
  6. Yes, Trump Can Accept Gifts, New York Times (July 13, 2017) (with Seth Barrett Tillman).
  7. Understanding the Supreme Court’s equitable ruling in Trump v. IRAP, SCOTUSBlog (July 12, 2017).
  8. A Federal Judge Halts California’s Confiscation of High-Capacity Magazines, Fox Nation (July 3, 2017).
  9. A Federal Judge Halts California’s Confiscation of High-Capacity Magazines, National Review (July 3, 2017).


  1. Guest on 740AM KTRH to talk about the Convention of states (August 16, 2017) (Audio).
  2. Quoted in Facebook bans Daily Stormer, alt-right site, from platform, Washington Times (August 16, 2017).
  3. Quoted in La legge al tempo degli algoritmi, Wired Italy (August 16, 2017).
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  5. Guest on Bloomberg Law Radio to discuss Battle of Charlottesville (August 15, 2017) (Audio).
  6. Quoted in Vermont’s Anti-Bias Rule Vote An Outlier In Heated Debate, Law 360 (August 14, 2017).
  7. Quoted in Clashes over Title VII protection of sexual orientation make way toward Supreme Court, Washington Times (August 13, 2017).
  8. Quoted in Obamacare Lives But Your Hospital Is Dying, American Spectator (August 7, 2017).
  9. Guest on CTV News to discuss leaks in the Trump administration (August 3, 2017).
  10. Quoted in Rules protecting special counsel may not be enough if Trump decides to fire him, L.A. Times (August 3, 2017).
  11. Quoted in SovietCare Looks Good to Investors, American Spectator (August 3, 2017).
  12. Quoted in Just Do It: Trump Preparing to Axe Congress’ Illegal ObamaCare Exemption?, Fox Nation (August 1, 2017).
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  15. Quoted in Conservatives challenge Trump to revoke Obamacare subsidy for members of Congress, Washington Times (July 31, 2017).
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  18. Quoted in Trump threatened to take away health care from members of Congress. Can he do that? Newsweek (July 30, 2017).
  19. Quoted in What the GOP Can Learn from Hillarycare, Lifezette (July 27, 2017).
  20. Quoted in LGBTQ Groups Threaten to Sue Trump Over Trans Military Ban, National Law Journal (July 26, 2017).
  21. Guest on 570AM KLIF – The Morning Drive with Dave & Amy – Dallas to talk about sanctuary cities (July 26, 2017).
  22. Quoted in What could happen if Jeff Sessions is pushed out of office?, Associated Press (July 25, 2017).
  23. Guest on Federalist Society Teleforum to discuss Hawaii v. Trump (July 25, 2017) (Audio).
  24. Quoted in Slapdash ACA Repeal Risks Insurance Market Chaos, Law 360 (July 24, 2017).
  25. Quoted in Supreme Court decisions hurt opponents of Trump’s travel ban, legal expert says, Washington Examiner (July 23, 2017).
  26. Guest on KLRD News Radio Dallas to discuss President’s ability to pardon himself (July 20, 2017).
  27. Guest on Making Money, Fox Business Network to discuss SCOTUS travel ban ruling (July 19, 2017).
  28. Quoted in Supreme Court lets Trump restore strict limits on refugees, expands ‘close relatives’ category, Washington Times (July 19, 2017).
  29. Guest on AM740 KTRH Houston to discuss signing wills via text message (July 13, 2017) (Audio).
  30. Guest on The Bridge to discuss immigration, Radio Dabang 105.3FM Houston (July 13, 2017).
  31. Quoted in 4 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Is Safe, Even After Justice Kennedy Retires, Above The Law (July 12, 2017).
  32. Quoted in Right-leaning legal experts predict Trump Supreme Court win on travel ban, if it doesn’t become moot, Washington Examiner (July 12, 2017).
  33. Guest on 570AM KLIF – The Morning Drive with Dave & Amy – Dallas to talk about President’s Twitter (July 12, 2017).
  34. Guest on Houston Matters, Houston Public Media to discuss religious liberty (July 11, 2017) (Audio).
  35. Guest on Houston Matters, Houston Public Media to discuss Texas redistricting trial (July 10, 2017) (Audio).
  36. Guest on “The Rod Arquette Show,” KNRS 105.9 FM/570AM to talk about SCOTUS (July 7, 2017).
  37. Quoted in A Federal Judge Upholds Second Amendment Rights — But The Case Is Heading For The Ninth Circuit, Forbes (July 7, 2017).
  38. Guest on Airtalk with Larry Mantle, 89.3 KPCC to discuss the Supreme Court and Second Amendment (July 5, 2017) (Audio).
  39. Guest on The American Way with Ian Swanson, 1420 AM The Answer (July 5, 2017).
  40. Guest on KLIF 570AM with Dave & Amy to talk about Texas’s DACA Challenge (July 6, 2017) (Audio).
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Academic Presentations

  1. Lessons from the Failed Garland Nomination, Southeastern Association of Law School Conference (Aug. 2, 2017).



  1. Discussion of Obamacare at Houston Dermatological Association (August 7, 2017).
  2. Discussion of Obamacare repeal at Houston Property Rights Association (July 28, 2017).
  3. Supreme Court Roundup at University of Houston Law Center (July 27, 2017).
  4. Discussion on Obamacare at the Houston Downtown Pachyderm Club (July 27, 2017).
  5. The Spending Clause,” Texas Attorney General’s Conference on Constitutional Law (July 19, 2017).
  6. Discussion on immigration at the Houston Downtown Pachyderm Club (July 13, 2017).