Guest on the Michael Berry Show to discuss Judge Gorsuch, the Supreme Court, and Mr. Smarty Pants

March 24th, 2017

The Michael Berry Show, which started in Houston, is now syndicated in over two-dozen markets. On Wednesday, Michael invited me to the studio to talk about Judge Gorsuch for (what he told me would be) 30 minutes. Little did I know that he had other ideas in mind. I was in studio for a full three hours–yes, the entire show!–to participate in a new feature he called “Mr. Smarty Pants.”

Listeners sent in questions on a whole range of topics–everything from horse breeding to well drilling–trying to stump me. It worked! My knowledge about the law is deep, though I am rationally ignorant about so many other areas of our world. In between the “Mr. Smarty Pants” segment, Michael asked me to discuss the Supreme Court, Judge Gorsuch, and the Constitution. Usually on the radio I am limited to 15 second sound bites. Here I could speak for minutes, uninterrupted. It is well worth the listen.

You can listen to the show here: