My Pro-Se Cert Petition Will Be At #SCOTUS Conference on Friday

February 15th, 2017

In 2011, shortly after I moved to Louisville for my clerkship, I realized the tiny gym at my apartment complex would not suffice. Frustrated, I drove about a mile down Shelbyville Road to the Urban Active Gym, and signed up for a membership. Little did I realize that this spontaneous decision more than five years ago would one day give rise to my very own pro-se cert petition.  Ted Frank of the Center for Class Action Fairness, who first filed my objection many years ago,  discusses the important issues at stake in this case in the Washington Times.

The petition (16-364) will be considered at the conference on Friday. In light of amicus briefs filed by Arizona Attorney General (joined by sixteen other states), the Cato Institute, and Professor Lester Brickman., as well as the call for a response, I am optimistic. But, I realize the overwhelming odds are denial.

When you check the orders list on Tuesday (don’t forget President’s Day!), be sure to look for Blackman v. Gascho. All of the filings are available here.