Prop1 Class 8 – Acquisition by Gift

February 7th, 2017

Class 8 – 2/7/17

Acquisition by Gift

  • Introduction, 189-191
  • Problems, 191-192
  • Newman v. Bost, 192-198
  • Notes, 198-199
  • Gruen v. Gruen, 199-205
  • Notes, 205-206

The class notes are here.

If you don’t know why I am posting pictures of Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian, you didn’t read the notes closely enough 🙂 Apparently Kim gave it back.


kris humphries watch 171111

This video illustrates the Livery of Seisin.

The is Joseph F. Van Pelt, the intestate in Newman v. Bost.


Here is the Van Pelt house.


Here is his grave. His obituary is here.


This is the Klimt painting at issue in Gruen v. Gruen.