Guest on Fox Business “Making Money” to talk about 9th Circuit Arguments, While Arguments Were Ongoing

February 7th, 2017

Today I was invited to appear on the Fox Business show “Making Money” with host Charles Payne to discuss the oral arguments in Washington v. Trump. The segment was to begin at 6:15 ET. Of course, the arguments were ongoing at that time, which made my task especially difficulty. To be as prepared as possible, I sat in the chair with the IFB in my right ear, and the YouTube feed in the left. I only yanked the YouTube feed out moments before I went on the air. At that time, I had heard enough of the DOJ’s argument to realize that the EO was in trouble.

The actual act of being on live cable news is bizarre. I am sitting in a trailer in an industrial part of town, in an empty room, staring at a camera, with no idea who I’m looking at. (I deliberately do not want to watch the TV because it will draw my eyes away from the camera; the trick is to always maintain eye contact so you don’t look shifty). Here are some pictures to recreate the ambiance, if I can call it that.