#FantasyJustice Update – Judge Gorsuch Is On Top #SCOTUS

January 24th, 2017

Since we launched the FantasyJustice marketplace in November, one judge has been consistently perched in first place: Judge Neil Gorsuch. Even though the conventional wisdom of the Federalist Society conference centered around Judges Bill Pryor and Diane Sykes, Gorsuch continue to rise above all others. Why? We will write about the details in the future, but at a minimum, those selecting the Colorado-based judge had some insights that other did not. This is the function of the wisdom of the crowds.

Now, according to Politico, the top three are Judges Gorusch, Thomas Hardiman, and Pryor.

In 2010, FantasySCOTUS accurately predicted that Elena Kagan would be the nominee. Let’s see if we go 2-2.

Update: My LexPredict colleague Mike Bommarito put together this graph charting Judge Gorsuch’s rise. During the Federalist Society convention, Judge Gorusch was towards the bottom, but after December 5, with a steep rise, he broke ahead of┬áthe pack, and has been in the lead since.

Leading the ABA Journal to ask if “Maybe FantasySCOTUS is right”?