On Houston Public Media to Discuss Texas Voter ID Case

November 21st, 2016

Today I was on Houston Public Media to discuss the recent filings in the Texas Voter ID litigation:

The Texas case is one of several federal suits challenging state voter ID laws. The Justice Department has aggressively challenged such laws under President Obama.

“The future of this case and others is really the million-dollar question,” says Josh Blackman, who teaches constitutional law at the South Texas College of Law Houston. “Senator Jeff Sessions [of Alabama], who will become likely the next attorney general, has been very supportive of voter ID laws and these different measures to protect voter security.”

So can the incoming Trump Administration scuttle the Texas case and others like it? Blackman says, not so fast.

“These cases are not only brought by the Justice Department,” he says. “There are also various civil rights groups. So even if a Trump Administration puts a hold on these cases and settles them, the NAACP and other similar groups can continue the litigation.”