#FantasyJustice Day 5: Gorsuch, Pryor, Kethledge, Sykes, Cruz, Stras, and Willett

November 20th, 2016

We have a new leader on FantasyJustice. Judge Gorsuch has surged to the front of the pack, with 75 votes in the last 24 hours. Gorsuch did not even make the top 5 yesterday. Judge Pryor is now in second place, followed by Judges Kethledge and Sykes, and Senator Cruz. Justice Stras from Minnesota is in sixth place, followed by Justice Willett in seventh, and Justice Larsen of Michigan in eighth. Stay tuned to a longform piece I’m working about the wisdom of the #FedSoc2016 crowds.


Update: USA Today has featured our FantasySCOTUS poll in its article about the Federalist Society convention.usatoday