New in Texas Bar Journal: “A Very Texas Term at the Supreme Court”

November 1st, 2016

The Texas Bar Journal invited me to provide an overview of last term at the Supreme Court. In what has become a tradition, it seems my adopted home state has more-than-its-fair share of granted cert petitions. In this piece, I talk about Fisher v. University of Texas, AustinUnited States v. TexasEvenwel v. Abbott, Whole Women’s Health v. Hellederstedt, and Zubik v. Burwell (which involved East Texas Baptist v. Burwell). You can read it online here, or download a PDF of the print issue.

Here is the introduction:

Everything is bigger in Texas, including its share of the spotlight at the U.S. Supreme Court. Of the 69 cases decided during the October 2015 term, five involved the Lone Star State. As has become common in recent years, Texas and the high court continue to hold different opinions about the proper bounds of constitutional law and judicial review.