Waynesburg University Constitution Day Production of “Steeling and Dealing: President Truman’s Seizure of the Steel Mills”

September 22nd, 2016

On Constitution Day, the Waynesburg University’s Stover Center for Constitutional Studies and Moral Leadership put on a production of a play about Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer. Yes, you read that right. A play about Youngstown!  It is titled, “Steeling and Dealing: President Truman’s Seizure of the Steel Mills.” Take a moment to watch it. The first scene shows a debate in the Truman White House about whether he can seize the mills. One adviser says “Why don’t you just steal the steel? You’re the President, you’ve got plenty of executive power. ” The Solicitor General advises, “You can tap into your inherent power.”

Also take a look at some of their previous productions: in 2015, they covered the Federalist Papers, in 2014 they covered Town of Greece v. Galloway, in 2013 they covered Kelo, and in 2012 they covered Lochner.

What a charming an educating program!