Video: Discussion of U.S. v. Texas at Cato Constitution Day

September 20th, 2016

I was honored to speak at Cato Constitution Day–the greatest holiday of the year (even if it is unconstitutional)–about U.S. v. Texas. On a personal note, it was a particular honor because my first time at the Cato Institute was for Constitution Day 2007. I was a 2L at GMU, and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I still find it remarkable that less than a decade later, I was up on the stage speaking about a case none of us could have fathomed way back when. That was also Ilya Shapiro’s first Constitution Day at Cato, so we share that first.

My remarks are based on theĀ imagined concurring opinion from Justice Scalia in U.S. v. Texas. (I appreciate the various suggests and comments I’ve received about the piece, but as with any judicial opinion, I will let it speak for itself).