Video: Debate on the Constitutionality of DAPA with Ilya Somin at the George Mason Federalist Society

September 18th, 2016

On 9/14/16, Ilya Somin and I debated the constitutionality of DAPA and the Take Care Clause at the George Mason Federalist Society Chapter. It was a special treat to verbally-joust with my former professor at my alma matter. As well, the event was moderated by my former International Law Professor, Jeremy Rabkin. The debate was replete with references to the Statue of Liberty (built at an immigration checkpoint), Donald Trump (no wall will be built), and of course Star Wars (Ilya is fond of comparing me to the wayward Anakin Skywalker; of course, he is Obi Wan).

Enjoy the video here:

(One note: Google Hangout recently changed the way they livestream. I attempted to use a different streaming program, and it didn’t work out perfectly–the video jumps in a few places. I assure you this was not some sort of effort to doctor the tape. I have since figured out how to fix it, and it won’t happen again).