Not crossing the border…

August 31st, 2016

I flew into Brownsville this morning to attend the hearing in U.S. v. Texas, with every intention to drive across the border and get lunch in Mexico. (Due to another high profile visit today, I certainly would not be the most unpopular American tourist).

Change of plans.

With my passport in tow, I asked the agent at the Hertz counter, Blanca, if I could buy insurance that works across the border (a phrase I never thought of before in this context). She told me no. Huh? I asked if they don’t sell it? She replied that she could, but it wasn’t safe for me not to go. Blanca explained that it is far too dangerous, and even though her parents are dual citizens, they refuse to go. She showed me some news articles about random shootings in the streets a few blocks from the border. (The thought of the border-crossing bullet crossed my mind). Blanca added I am too white, and would be a prime target for a robbery or kidnapping. No argument there.

I’ll post later tonight after the hearing. Stay tuned.