Pre-Order “Unraveled” and I’ll Mail You A Free Autographed Book Plate

August 2nd, 2016

When Unprecedented was released, I had a feature on my blog which allowed readers to order an autographed copy at a slightly higher cost, to factor in my costs of shipping. This was not very effective, and fewer people than I had hoped tried it.

For Unraveled, I will make this much easier. If you pre-order a copy of the book, I will mail you a free personalized, autographed book plate. It will he an adhesive, which you can peel and place wherever you’d like. I won’t even charge for postage!

Once you’ve pre-ordered the book, please fill out this form, which asks for your contact information so I can mail the book plate.

Also–to give you a little inside-the business perspective–the more pre-orders there are, the more books that will be printed. This will help to increase the distribution of the book, merely by ordering it early. Amazon offers a pre-order guarantee. If the price drops before it is published (it will), you will only pay the lowest cost. So there is no downside.