Video: “Trump’s Constitution of One” at the Houston Pachyderm Club

June 15th, 2016

On Tuesday, I spoke to the Greater Houston Pachyderm Club about my article in National Review, “Trump’s Constitution of One.” The audience was different from my typical haunt, and I tried to convey a few points for the political crowd. First, I conceded that with respect to judges, Trump will likely be better than Clinton. (I discuss the risk of cronyism, but so long as the “Federalist people” are advising him, it will be on average more optimal than the “ACS people” advising Clinton).┬áSecond, I explained that judges are not everything–even SCOTUS–and there are far more critical issues to think about. Third, I said┬áthat if Trump is elected, conservatives should hold his feet to the fire to criticize him when he runs afoul of the law (which he certainly would), and not become complacent when executive abuses yield favorable policy outcomes. (In other words, don’t get drunk with power).

Here is video of the event.