Video: “The Next Supreme Court Battle” at the National Constitution Center.

May 27th, 2016

The National Constitution Center hosted me for a discussion on “The Next Supreme Court Battle.” I was joined by former 3rd Circuit Judge Timothy Lewis, Michael Gerhardt of UNC Law School, and David Strauss of the University of Chicago Law School. As always, the event was moderated by Jeff Rosen. I was the sole person on the stage who did not think the Senate had any obligation to provide a hearing for Judge Garland. My remarks were based on articles I wrote in the Wall Street Journal and National Review. I also previewed some of the arguments advanced in Restoring the Lost Confirmation, which I co-authored with Randy Barnett for the University of Chicago Law Review Online.

You can watch the video here (my questions come at 10:30, 23:30, 38:40, 50:05, and 1:10:10).