Audio of Event at John Marshall Law School: Chief Justice Roberts and the Supreme Court as an Institution

April 5th, 2016

On Monday 4/4, I attended an event co-sponsored by the John Marshall Law School’s Federalist Society and American Constitution Society chapters. The topic was”Which matters more to Chief Justice Roberts: The Constitution or the Supreme Court as an institution.” This is a topic I alluded to in my Weekly Standard article with Randy Barnett. I was joined by Prof. Steven Schwinn, and Gabe Roth of Fix the Court. At one point, as I ridiculed John Marshall’s silly opinion in Marbury (he should have recused, and he bungled Article III), Gabe reminded me not to mock the namesake of the law school that hosted us. Point taken, although I recently criticized Justice Brennan at Rutgers Law School, and was gently chided by the Dean. I’d do it again.

Here is the audio, and some photos of the event: