New Dining Option at the Antonin Scalia School of Law

April 1st, 2016

Justice Scalia was very fond of Italian food. Alas, over the years, his dining options decreased. His favorite restaurant, A.V. Ristorante, closed in 2007. His backup restaurant, Bebo Trattoria in Arlington also closed. He liked Tosca, but found it “a lot pricier than A.V. used to be.” Now, there will be a new choice. In honor of the late Justice’s affinity for fine, affordable Italian food, I’ve learned from some friends on the faculty that the new Antonin Scalia School of Law will have a special treat for the hungry students at the Arlington campus: Nino’s Cafe.


The bistro will serve authentic and affordable Italian fare. There will be a sit-down service for a more formal dinner, but also there will also be meals ready to-go, for students to grab before or after class. From what I hear, the restaurant will feature Justice Scalia’s favorite: thin-crust pizza with anchovies. The law school is currently applying for a liquor license in order to serve some of Justice Scalia’s favorite red wines–this will no doubt be popular with the students after a long night of classes.

If I may suggest the names for some popular dishes: Penne a la Roberts, Tony’s Spumoni, Clarence’s Cannolis, Zuppa Bader Ginsburg, Stevie’s Ziti, Alitortellini, Sotomayorzo, Elena’s Kagoregano, and Solicitor General Vermicelli.