POTUS: “Once I’m Gone” We Can Have “Serious Conversation” about ACA Because “Debate Around Healthcare has gotten so politicized, so toxic.”

February 23rd, 2016

During a speech with the nation’s governors, President Obama explained that the current debate over health care is “politicized” and “toxic,” and hopes “once I’m gone” we can have a “serious conversation.”

“Maybe once I’m gone we can go back to having a sensible conversation between Democrats and Republicans about how we should incentivize greater efficiency, better outcomes, higher quality for lower cost in our healthcare system, and if we do that, that’s going to make the biggest difference,” Obama said.

The president acknowledged the fierce debate around ObamaCare has dominated the conversation for the past several years.

“My hope is that we get into a serious conversation, maybe it will have to happen once I’m gone, because the Affordable Care Act and the debate around healthcare has gotten so politicized, so toxic, that we can’t have a sensible conversation about it,” Obama added.

This will go right into the epilogue of Unraveled.