Cambridge University Press will Publish “Unraveled: Obamacare, Religious Liberty, & Executive Power”

February 3rd, 2016

I am honored to announce that Cambridge University Press will publish my next book, “Unraveled: Obamacare, Religious Liberty, & Executive Power.” If everything goes to plan, the book will be released in September 2016, right before the beginning of the October 2016 term, and before the next presidential election. Unraveled will pick up where Unprecedented left off–in January 2013, and tell the story of the ACA’s second Act. The book will be book-ended by Hobby Lobby, King v. Burwell, and Little Sisters of the Poor, but also chronicle Obama’s political intrigues since its inception. In many respects, Unraveled fills in a lot of the gaps from Unprecedented–events that didn’t seem relevant years ago, that became much more relevant in light of later events.

Here is the current table of contents–note that the last few chapters remain to be written in light of whatever the Court does in Little Sisters, and what happens with the Presidential primaries between now and July 5, 2016 (my final submission date for final chapters).  See if you can figure out what the chapters are about based on the title.

Part I: The Promise of Obamacare (1/20/09 – 6/28/12)

            Chapter 1: If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.

Chapter 2: Federal and state exchanges

Chapter 3: Life and Religious Liberty

Part II: Conscience and Contraception (6/29/12 – 5/1/13)

Chapter 4: The Contraception Mandate

Chapter 5: Election Slowdown

Chapter 6: Religious Liberty in the Courts

Part III: Shutdown (5/21/13 – 9/30/13)

Chapter 7: Exchanges “established by the state”

Chapter 8: Tea Party Summer

Chapter 9: Train Wreck

Chapter 10: Filibuster

Part IV: Obamacare Unravels (10/1/13 – 12/30/13)

Chapter 11: Lights Out

Chapter 12: Cancelled

Chapter 13: Regulation by blog post

Chapter 14: Crashing into the Deadline

Part V: Religious Liberty (12/31/13 – 7/21/14)

Chapter 15: New Year’s Resolution

Chapter 16: Substantial Burden

Chapter 17: Glitch

Chapter 18: Between two ferns

Chapter 19: Corporate Prayer

Chapter 20: Notorious RBG

Part VI: Nuclear Fallout (7/22/14 – 11/21/14)

Chapter 21: Circuit Split

Chapter 22: Dueling Petitions

Chapter 23: Sue the President

Part VII: Subsidizing Obamacare (11/22/14 – 6/26/15)

Chapter 24: Grubergate

Chapter 25: King v. Burwell

Chapter 26: Gridlock

Chapter 27: Unravel the fabric

Chapter 28: Improve, don’t Destroy

Part VIII: The Nuns (6/27/15 – 6/30/16)

Chapter 29-33: To be concluded.