Chelsea Clinton: “Sen. Sanders wants to dismantle Obamacare”

January 13th, 2016

Apparently Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz have something in common.

“Sen. Sanders wants to dismantle Obamacare, dismantle the CHIP program, dismantle Medicare, and dismantle private insurance,” [Chelsea Clinton] said during a campaign stop in New Hampshire. “I worry if we give Republicans Democratic permission to do that, we’ll go back to an era — before we had the Affordable Care Act — that would strip millions and millions and millions of people off their health insurance.”

Sanders rejected this characterization a few months ago:

Sanders, who voted for the Affordable Care Act, has previously written off Hillary Clinton’s attacks that he would undo ObamaCare.

“I helped write the Affordable Care Act. So I don’t want somebody suggesting I’m trying to dismantle legislation that I helped write,” Sanders said last November.

Update: Sanders said Chelsea Clinton is “absolutely wrong.”

“Unfortunately, I have to say, as much as I admire Chelsea, she didn’t read the plan,” the Vermont senator said. “What she should know is that we’re the only major country on Earth that doesn’t guarantee healthcare to all people as a right, and yet we end up spending far more per capita on healthcare as do the people of any other nation.”