The Harlan Institute $15 for 2015 Campaign – Support the Virtual Supreme Court

December 22nd, 2015

Dear Friends,

By donating $15 before the end of 2015, you can help send the winners of our Virtual Supreme Court competition to Washington, D.C. to celebrate Constitution Day in September 2016.

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Since 2010, through our innovative approach to online legal education with FantasySCOTUS, the Harlan Institute has taught thousands of high school students about our Constitution and the Supreme Court.

This year, students can compete in three great contests in the Fourth Annual Virtual Supreme Court.

The Virtual Supreme Court, a collaboration with ConSource, asks students to consider whether race-conscious affirmative action is consistent with the Fourteenth Amendment in the context of Fisher v. University of Texas. You can see the winning briefs from 2013 (Fisher I), 2014 (Noel Canning), and 2015 (Zivotofsky).

Teams of two students choose one side of the issue, write appellate briefs, submit YouTube presentations, and engage in oral arguments against other students using Google+ Hangouts. During the moot court sessions, Harlan and ConSource judges ask the students questions, and challenge them on their briefs.

This virtual competition allows students across the country to engage in cutting-edge constitutional issues

The grand prize for the top two students is a trip to Washington, D.C. to celebrate ConSource’s Constitution Day 2013. Members of the runner-up team will each receive an iPad.

I ask your help to support the prizes for these amazing students.

100% of your tax-deductible donation will be used to cover the costs of bringing the students to our nation’s capital.  The Harlan Institute has no salaried employees, and all of our overhead costs are covered by sponsorships.

I thank you for your support.

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Josh Blackman
President, The Harlan Institute