Texas v. United States Nine-Part Series, Plus my Articles and Briefs on DAPA

November 15th, 2015

It took me nine posts to make it through the Fifth Circuit’s 135-page divided opinion in Texas v. United States. Here is a summary of the posts:

  1. Part I of my analysis focused on standing analysis in Texas v. U.S.
  2. Part II focused on reviewability.
  3. Part III looked at the procedural APA claim.
  4. Part IV looked at the substantive APA claim.
  5. Part V analyzes how the dissent frames DAPA.
  6. Part VI analyzes the dissent’s standing analysis.
  7. Part VII looks at the justiciability issue.
  8. Part VIII analyzes the dissent’s section on the APA Procedural Claim.
  9. Part IX looks at the dissent’s APA substantive claim section.

Also relevant, here are links to articles and briefs I wrote about this case:

I’ve followed this case closely since November of 2014, and now it is starting to really gain velocity as it hurdles to the Supreme Court. Stay tuned.