November 12th, 2015

So, it seems that when I speak, I often start sentences with “so.” I came to realize this after I received a torrent of emails and tweets after my appearance on the News Hour.

So, I think Marielena is correct. It’s physically impossible to remove 11 million immigrants.

So, I think Senator Rubio advanced a proposal where immigrants who have been here for a while who have families and have not gotten in trouble, had they stayed 10 years, there will be a pathway for some sort of way for them to remain.

So, I think the question is not whether the Supreme Court will hear it, but when the Supreme Court will hear it.

So, Marielena is correct.

So whether it is in fact a priority for the Obama administration to appeal is not clear. They may be content to let this sit as a political issue and have Senator Clinton perhaps and the Republican candidate duke this out. There may be political elements here in delaying the appeal itself.

So, I think the senators are opposed — sorry — the candidates are opposed to DACA. That’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Point taken. My diction was so-so. I’ll try to improve on this in the future.

I received three waves of emails, as the News Hour aired in each time zone. Here is a smattering of the tweets.


Dear Dr. Blackman,

I wonder if you know how often you begin your answer with “So”

Thanks for your expertise on PBS



I just saw you on PBS Newshour. If you try to not start every response with the word “So”, people will take you a lot more seriously.

Dear Mr. Blackman,

Two suggestions:

1. Do not begin every sentence “so I think.” Indeed, never begin a sentence with the word “so.” It makes you sound less educated than you are.

2. Speak more slowly. it is difficult to actually understand what you are saying because the words seem to overlap each other.

Best wishes,

What’s with starting every sentence with “so” ? I know it’s become a dopey vernacular for some,along with saying “as well” over and over…things like “more clear” instead of clearer, and of course the long standing dopey standbys of stretching out words at the end of sentencessssss, using “like” at least 3 times in each sentence, using “perfect” all the time-usually when it doesn’t make any sense to use it…”awesome” when whatever is being called so is usually mediocre at best…”no problem” instead of “your welcome” which connotes that the one saying “thank you” was putting the other out.

Just say no to so.

It’s dopey, and immature. Not cool.