Video: Brooklyn Law School Federalist Society Discussion on Constitutionality of #DAPA

November 10th, 2015

Totally serendipitously, I was scheduled to give a talk today to the Brooklyn Law School Federalist Society Chapter on the constitutional of #DAPA.  I was teaching Obergefell last night when I saw a flash across my screen that the opinion dropped. You can hear an expletive on the YouTube video. I didn’t have time to read the opinion last night, as I had a 6:40 am flight to Newark this morning, with a 3:30 am wakeup call. When I gave the lecture, I managed to read the first 65 pages out of the 135-page behemoth, and write four blog posts on the plane/uber from the airport. Here is the video of my talk. Prof. Nelson Tebbe graciously offered some comments, and asked some extremely insightful questions. I am debating this topic tomorrow at Columbia Law School–hopefully I’ll have the opinion digested by then.