I Dream Of Interrupted Lectures

October 18th, 2015

Yesterday, I was invited to speak at a law school about campus carry. That evening, I had a surreal dream. I was speaking at that school on the topic of campus carry to a packed room. Shortly after I started talking, I heard a lot of noise. In the corner of the room there were three small transistor radios that were blasting out talk. I turned them off, and I returned to my talk.

Then a TV starts playing some VCR tape. (Remember the old TVs in schools on top of the carts that were wheeled around?). I walked over to the TV, and unplugged it. I go back to the podium. Another TV, which was right behind the first TV (I didn’t notice it earlier) starts playing the same video. I go over, and unplug that TV.

I go back to the podium, and resume my talk. I start talking about how campus carry was legalized in a number of states, and there was no indication that it increased gun violence. Then the room got really, really hot.

Then the door flies open, and someone screams that everyone must leave.

I keep talking.

I’m not sure if this is a sign that I shouldn’t do the talk, or must do the talk, no matter what tries to stop me.