Prop2 Class 16: Covenants I

October 12th, 2015

Today we will start covering Covenants.

The lecture notes are here.

This diagram may help explain the relationship between horizontal and vertical privity.

And here is a picture of the lovely Leicester Square from Tulk v. Moxhay.

This is the home at issue in Sandborn v. McLean.


Here is a gas station in 1925. The price was $0.23/gallon. This roughly $3.03 in 2013 dollars.


In case you are curious, this graph charts the price of gas in the 20th Century.

Inflation Adjusted Gas Prices 1918-2012

Here is the layout of the Neponsit neighborhood.


And here is a map of Neponsit, Queens. Neponsit means place between water–here Jamaica Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

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