President George W. Bush at Federalist Society Texas Chapters’ Conference

October 2nd, 2015

In a surprise, President Bush spoke for a few moments in the morning of the Federalist Society’s Texas Chapters’ Conference on September 19 . Bush thanked the Federalist Society for “caring about the law and our country.” He began by asking rhetorically, “Do I miss being in D.C.? No.” Concerning his post-POTUS activities, he talked about his painting. “I hired art instructor. I painted a cube, then a watermelon, and then I was off an running.” He added, “I was getting antsy. I wrote these books, much to the amazement of some people.” On a personal note, he said “It is a pleasure to watch my daughter, who was a slight pain in the ass as a teenager, grow up to become a mother.” Regarding his mother, Bush explained, “As my mother shrinks, she becomes more outspoken. The compressive spine opens the vocal cords. She’s a pain to be around these days.”

Graciously, he refused to criticize President Obama, noting that “I think it’s bad for our country to undermine the President.” But he did talk about #Jeb’s campaign. Concerning his father, 43 said “41 has a reason to live, and that is my little brother. I thought I was out of politics, but Jeb ruined it.” He added, “41 asks when is the Presidential inauguration. January 2017. OK, he will make it till then.” Barbara Bush did ask about Trump: “This time my mom is talking about Trump. I tell her, this guy is not going to last.” 43 explained, “My brother is going to win. It is a long process, a learning experience. Jeb has a great record in a big state. He’s learning.” He continued, “Watch a person who learned national politics. This is a long process. It’s what you want for a President. You want them to grind it out.” Bush reminisced that “he was the smirker. Remember ‘stop smirking.'” During “[t]he process, the weak will be exposed, and the strong will get stronger, and the country will have a viable choice for President.”