William Rehnquist’s High School Yearbook

August 26th, 2015

I now have a copy of William Rehnquist’s 1942 High School Yearbook, The Copperdome, form Shorewood High School in Shorewood, Wisconsin. Though Rehnquist is most remembered as an Arizonan, he was born in Milwaukee. I also have a copy of Justice Scalia’s HS Yearbook and Justice Ginsburg’s College Yearbook.

It’s crazy to think he graduated barely 6 months after Pearl Harbor.


Rehnquist’s caption reads:

The favorite pastime of Bill, in and out of school, is cartooning. Lost to art however, he did become co-feature editor of the Ripples and was awarded the Quill and Scroll for his work there. A member of Student council, Hall monitors, and Hi-Y, Bill completed his list of extra curriculars.


Rehnquist was a lifelong Doodler, as revealed in his papers housed at Stanford:

The Rehnquist files do offer a few glimpses into the justice’s lighter side.

He had a habit of doodling faces in the margins of his law school notebooks, and a journal from 1948—the year he earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees—kept records of his poker winnings and expenditures.

Kyle Graham added:

(2) It also appears that Rehnquist liked to doodle, and in particular, that he enjoyed drawing portraits of now-obscure individuals in the margins of his notebooks. So, here’s a word of advice to you kids out there: Don’t pay attention in class, and you eventually will become Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.


Here is his photograph from Hi-Y (second row, first from the left):


Here is his photograph as a Hall Monitor (top row, third from the left).


Rehnquist also wrote a signature to Dorothy, whose yearbook I now have. It reads:

Dorothy we’ve been through 2 years of [something] writing and four of home-room together – and it’s been fun. B. Rehnqusit.