Mock Lecture and Orientation for 1Ls

August 14th, 2015

Think back, way back, to your orientation as a 1L. If you were anywhere nearly as confused as I was, the orientation helped to demystify (to some extent) what law school would be like. I recounted my experiences as a neophyte law student at George Mason in this humorous essay about my law experiences. (I encourage any of my students who are nervous about applying clerkships to laugh at my struggles so they feel better–it works). Because of my experiences, I always volunteer at the orientation, to give the soon-to-be law students a few bits of wisdom before the rat race begins.

In this video, I touch on a number of high level issues about reading, studying, work ethic, and most importantly, taking care of yourself–the latter is something far too many law students disregard, and hurt themselves in really sad ways. Then we discuss my favorite case, Pierson v. Post. Please share it with any of your friends who are about to embark on 1L.