President Weighs In On King v. Burwell and “Republican Party … suing us constantly” on Obamacare

February 28th, 2015

During an interview on immigration, the President tried to draw a comparison between Judge Hanen’s ruling and the various challenges to Obamacare, which he described as (drumroll) “unprecedented.”

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, José, we’ve got one judge who made this decision.  We appeal it to a higher court.  We believe that the law is clearly on our side.  This is true in everything that we do.

Look at the Affordable Care Act.  We’ve signed up 11 million people to get coverage through the Affordable Care Act.  Over 2.5 million of them are Latino.  (Applause.)  Because of what we’ve done, we’ve seen the percentage of uninsured Latinos drop by almost 7 percent.  It’s unprecedented.  So we know it can work.

Now, that hasn’t stopped the Republican Party from suing us constantly, to try to find a judge who may think that what we’re doing is in appropriate, despite the fact that it passed through Congress.  We’ve got a Supreme Court that is still ruling on these cases.  But that hasn’t stopped us from moving forward.

Indeed, the administration hasn’t stopped, failing to prepare any backup plan if the Court invalidates the IRS rule in King v. Burwell. Oh, and while the ACA passed Congress, DAPA did not.