Who broke the Same-Sex Marriage News?

January 16th, 2015

First place goes to Pete Williams of NBC News, for tweeting the news at 3:30.

Second place, by a few seconds, at 3:31 goes to Kimberly Robinson of Bloomberg BNA.

Third place, a moment later was Greg Stohr of Bloomberg.

Initially I gave the victory to Kimberly, as Pete didn’t use the correct hashtag #SCOTUS, so his tweet got lost in my timeline. Kimberly gracious confessed that she wasn’t first. I think we all need to agree to use the #SCOTUS hashtag to break news.   first-place Bloomberg was the first to correctly announce the outcome of NFIB v. Sebelius. If I recall, Pete Williams (wisely) hedged for a few moments while he was on the air, as did Jan Crawford. Update: Honorable mention goes to Chris Geidner of Buzzfeed, who tweeted at 3:31 with a story link.

Update: Here is the second-by-second timeline for 3:31, with #SCOTUS (If you didn’t use that tag you are lost to history). (1) Kimberly Robinson, (2) Greg Stohr, (3) Sara Kopit, (4) Me retweeting Kimberly, (5) Michelle Olsen, (6) Brent Kendall, (7) Chris Geidner, (8) Freedom To Marry.